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Convoy is the first and most efficient nationwide digital freight network.

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Convoy is reinventing the supply chain with technology-backed full service trucking. Convoy offers guaranteed capacity and innovative real-time GPS tracking via our connected carrier network.

40% of trucks on the road right now are empty. That means 40% of the carbon emissions created by the trucking industry, 40% of its fuel and 40% of a trucker’s time are wasted. Convoy aims to fix that waste with software that can create more efficient routes. For every percentage point of improvement in truck routes and utilization, the industry can save almost 400 million gallons of fuel and 100 million hours of drive time.

Trucking is an $800 Billion industry, just in the United States! Come help us redefine the world of freight.
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Operations Specialist - Live Loads


Operations Specialist - Live Loads