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Build powerful chatbots quickly and easily without code!

Build powerful chatbots quickly and easily without code!

Converse AI is a SaaS platform to enable customer success using chat bots

It provides a complete botstack to enable companies to use bots to enhance the customer experience, throughout their lifecycle, including:

Pre Sales engagement
Funnel Progression
Post Sales Customer Service
Re-engagement of dormant customers
Post Engagement.

Converse AI integrates into multiple messaging networks including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Intercom, Twilio, Layer & Smooch.

It supports building fully automated services, or smoothly enabling bot to human escalation as required.

Converse also includes its powerful Chatflow capability, combining chat and workflow together to enable customers to easily build complex capabilities easily without writing any code

Gihan Munasinghe

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Tony Lucas

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Founder at Converse AI (Jan 15-Present), Founder at Flexiant (cloud orchestration Dec 09-Sep 14), Founder at XCalibre (hosting services) Sep 97-Dec 09

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