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Intelligent Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Intelligent Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

ConTXT is a vertical, self service, cloud platform that enables compliance professionals in the financial services industry to automate and streamline the regulatory and compliance reporting (capital and asset management) they need through a user friendly natural language and graphical interface.

ConTXT addresses the volumes of compliance and regulatory requirements that continue to swamp the industry and cost it 100's of billions in lost revenues, expenses and fines. With IT departments proving a major bottleneck in the quest for fast, accurate and efficient reporting, institutions must leverage their compliance professionals to keep up or face further fines and lawsuits. ConTXT focuses on accelerating work 20X and cutting costs by 95% by providing business users with a platform to automate compliance from source to final report.

ConTXT is building the world’s largest network of compliance partners providing content, automation and management solutions via the ConTXT platform.

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