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Efficient contract management and automation

Efficient contract management and automation

ContractAwesome is a collaborative workspace where you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow. Create contracts with ready-made templates, sign them with an advanced digital signature and store them in an organized and safe manner in the cloud. Create, sign and store all your legal documents digitally from one, safe place.

You can also review, negotiate and collaborate in teams to ensure the best possible contracts, as well as execute the contracts to fulfil your obligations. You can track and analyze your contracts to maximize their value. ContractAwesome also allows users to analyze risky clauses in individual contracts leveraging a well-trained AI algorithm, a feature that is unique to this platform only.

With the leading contract management platform in the market, ContractAwesome is poised to build the best tools for contract risk analysis in the world. The massive data generated from this platform presents an opportunity to fundamentally change the way the legal market operates.

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