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Jonathan Cherki

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CEO and founder of ContentSquare UX analytics and optimization that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their digital platforms.


Sahana Sekaran

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Kevin T Hickson

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Engineering leader with 10+ years of experience. Enjoy working in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

Jb Eudeline

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I'm a product designer with 5 years of experience. Data driven, I like to solve problems for users. Pixel lovers I like to create clean and neat interfaces.

Ivana Hecimovic

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Executive Assistant at ContentSquare

Matthew Robinson

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Head of UK Marketing @Contentsquare

Stanojko Markovik

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seasoned engineer, well versed in multiple technologies.

Sonia Ouaksel

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Directrice de l'Expérience Client at ContentSquare

Cédric Balé

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Senior Software Engineer at ContentSquare

Thomas Carton

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Senior iOS developer sensible to good ux/ui and eager to optimise the most to provide users with the best experience.

Duncan Keene

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Former team

Abhinav Chadha

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Marcus Braga Magarian

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Contentsquare Recruitment Team

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Pola Zen

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William Thibault

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Michael Ponrajah

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