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Your phone bill as it should be, easier & cheaper.

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We save a lot of money on phone bills, for everybody.

Our challenge is to fix the number one source of pain in the consumer world: The phone bill. Consumer reports all around the world rate mobile carriers as the top 5 under customer complains, that's no accident.

We are fixing the problem at the source, from within the sales system, to the way we monitor the bills themselves.

There's innovation in business and processes, but also a lot of innovation on technology. Our software stack is the best you can find.

We value our culture, we love the hunt for a bright future at the same time we value the day to day life, without insane long hours and all nighters.

Part of your job will be keeping yourself healthy, body and mind.

We are looking for great professionals who value their skills, have discipline, respect, and the drive to change the status quo.

We are in the best city in Brazil for innovation and quality of life, our HQ is a great house, and our founders have engineering background, meaning they value well built stuff.

If you are tired of the contractor madness, if you want to see your work make millions of lives better, if you can't stand in the same place over and over again, come work with us.

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