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Platform for doctors to speak immediately with other doctors

Senior Full Stack Developer

£45k – £65k
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Consultant Connect runs a leading communications platform for NHS doctors. We enable GPs to speak to a specialist immediately, thereby dramatically speeding up patient care and reducing avoidable referrals.

In just a few years, we've grown to cover 30% of the UK - and we continue to grow. We've also expanded our product portfolio. We started with phone advice-and-guidance and then successfully launched PhotoSAF (clinical photography) and message advice-and-guidance products.

The Product Development Team at Consultant Connect designs and builds the platform and products within it, ensuring that it meets the needs of our NHS doctors and their patients.

Why join us?

- You'll have impact. We're just a 4 person team, so your contribution will definitely matter. You won't be a small cog in a big machine.
- By virtue of our small size, you'll get to work on many different facets of the product: front end, back end, infrastructure, design, operations, etc. You'll be challenged to learn, adapt and expand - and you won't be restricted to just a specific sliver.
- You'll also move fast. We focus on outcomes. We're agile. We're brutal about prioritisation. Process and documentation are there to help us create quality robust product; not to slow us down.
- While we work diligently and are proud of what we make, everyone understands that you have a life outside of the office.
- Our office is based in the centre of Oxford, which is a 12 minute walk from the train station and is served by plenty of buses.

What you'll be doing

You'll be a Full Stack Developer on the Product Development Team. Broadly speaking, this means you'll be:
- Writing code (Python, Django, Angular, Ionic, PostgreSQL, Objective-C, Java)
- Helping to shape product design in conjunction with teammates (What's the problem? Different solution approaches? Trade-offs? Basic analysis?)
- Modifying / maintaining infrastructure and development tools (AWS, TravisCI, Terraform, Packer, Ansible, Docker)

More specifically, this could include projects and activities such as:
- Designing and building new features to improve usage of our products
- Designing and building new products that meet unfulfilled needs within the NHS
- Upgrading the user experience of our mobile app
- Investigating and squashing bugs
- And more

The key difference of this role (vs a "typical" software development role) is that it is much more holistic with regards to the product. While writing code is a core part of this role, you'll do it with strong understanding of the context, user goals and design.

What we're looking for

- You care a lot about whether customers love your product or not
- At least 5 years as a professional developer working full-time with at least a few different teams; minimum 2 years as a full-stack developer
- At some point in your career, you had a back-end focus and understand database design
- At some point in your career, you had a front-end focus and understand a thing or two about UI
- Portfolio of projects (either from day job or side projects) that you could talk through clearly
- You've had to launch a product or feature before and you were part of the team that had to grow it; you've lived through the experience of trying to engineer something well while hustling to deliver an outcome
- You know what KISS means
- When it comes to difficult problems, you embrace them wholeheartedly and you learn fast. You have examples of where you had to rapidly step up your own skills and knowledge
- You're a pro. People like working with you because you're a clear communicator, your respectful of time, you're respectful of people
- Ability to work in Oxford. The office is in the centre of Oxford within a 10 minute walk of the train station

We are not particular about your programming languages. Our view is that development skills are largely independent of a specific language. A good candidate with a strong understanding of the fundamentals and best practice will quickly learn particular languages and become productive within a few weeks.

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Platform for doctors to speak immediately with other doctors

Consultant Connect focuses on Mobile Health and Healthcare Services. Their company has offices in Oxford. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.consultantconnect.org.uk