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Constellation understands text so you don’t have to

Constellation understands text so you don’t have to

Constellation offers an AI driven text analysis platform that enables enterprises to transform unstructured data into intelligence. 80% of the world's data will be unstructured by 2025 and existing solutions are too expensive, standardized, and involved to implement. Subject matter experts within Financial Services, leverage Constellation to unlock new intelligence and insights, without the need for developers.

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Software Engineer

Evan Bakst

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Experienced start-up operator working at venture backed organizations. Skilled in closing business, optimizing strategy/approach, and building teams.

Cole Page

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Founder & CPO @ Constellation. Senior Full-Stack Engineer @ Sigma Ratings. Former Founder & CTO @ SWAP Socks. GWU Aerospace Engineering & Economics 2014.
CTO of Constellation. Director of Engineering @Sigma Ratings. Worked at @GIPHY , @Enigma Technologies . Columbia University Engineering 2016