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Consensus is the open-sourced, decentralized artificial intelligence platform

Blockchain Engineer

$80k – $130k
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Company Overview

Consensus is a fast growing startup headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our vision is to build the foundation for efficient, objective and data-driven governance systems by creating an open-sourced, decentralized and trustful artificial intelligence platform for collective governance.

Our mission is to unite people through collective intelligence using advanced AI technologies.

Job Description

You will be a part of the highly skilled and collaborative team of leaders in multiple disciplines — from mathematicians to AI experts to business strategists, dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge AI and distributed ledger technologies. You will be working primarily on building the Sentient network, the core of the Consensus AI platform.

We are an agile and adaptive team, able to grow and change with the pace of exponential tech, and we are looking for like-minded teammates — enthusiastic, self-motivated problem solvers who recognize the opportunity and move fast to capture it. If you truly want to have a positive impact with your work by solving the most complex challenges, this role is for you.


- Get things done attitude
- Adaptability, flexibility and pragmatism
- 3+ years of proven relevant work experience
- BSc degree in Computer Science / Engineering / Mathematics or demonstrable equivalent experience in related fields
- Proven experience with distributed systems
- Knowledge of messaging queues, binary protocols, APIs and system integration
- Clear understanding of security & privacy best practices, public key infrastructure (PKI), encryption, serialization, encoding and related algorithms
- Experience implementing DLTs and associated technologies such as PoW, PoS, smart contracts, Dapps, UXTO and account-based blockchains
- Solid skills with Golang and other modern programming languages and the following paradigms: OO, functional and dynamic (e.g. Java/Go/C++; Kotlin/Scala/Closure; Python/JS/SH)
- Production experience using and managing SQL and NoSQL databases
- Strong bias towards automated unit and integration testing
- Proficiency debugging, configuring, deploying and monitoring complex systems
- Proven ability to work effectively and take ownership of development in an agile and collaborative team environment, as well as independently
- Excellent communication skills, ability to mentor team members and present technical content to business leaders

Bonus Points

- MSc or PhD in distributed systems, cryptography, cybersecurity or related fields
- Experience with 3rd generation of DLTs or blockchain(-less) technologies
- Experience within the IoT industry, P2P, ad-hoc network systems
- Familiarity with Sia blockchain, Stratum and other consensus protocols (e.g. RAFT and PAXOS), atomic swaps, Lightning network, Hyperledger, Multichain, Ripple, Corda and/or others associated technologies
- Knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis
- Knowledge of multi-platform programming language such as Kotlin and Go
- Active involvement in open source projects as a contributor/maintainer

What We Offer

- Hard and meaningful problems to solve
- Opportunity for growth and making a real difference around the world
- Work directly with the leadership team of seasoned executives
- Great working environment with excellent perks and benefits

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Founder of @Consensus. Previously founder and CEO of @500px. Mentor at @Founder Institute , Ironman triathlete.

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