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John Jersin

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Vice President of Product, LinkedIn Founder and Partner, C3 Ventures CEO, co-founder, Connectifier


Arian Nemati

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Co-Founder & CEO @ ADEx

Kai Stephan

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CEO at Pegasus Solar. Inventor of several consumer products. Worked at SCE in renewable power integration. ME from USC.
Co-founder @Truefluence • MechE @Carnegie Mellon University • Consultant for @Connectifier (acq by LinkedIn) • Co-founder, Activist, 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Alan Genesoto

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Senior Sales Lead @Connectifier - Averaged 145% of quota with over $1M in sales through 2015.

Erik Buchanan

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Builds and leads engineering and AI teams from startups to LinkedIn. Built a startup from concept to successful exit. Angel investor. Worked @ Google, MSR, NASA

Jeff Wright

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Tyler Stirnus

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Jeff Wright

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Former team

John Yamashiro

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Christa Heinrich

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Nicolas Cryns

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Veronica Rundle

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Apoorv Khandelwal

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Jason DelValle

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