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Unlocking Healthcare Data

Unlocking Healthcare Data

We are solving the problem of scattered medical data and unlocking its true value.

We have taken the B2B approach to organize medical data, starting with diagnostic centers. We are working with diagnostic centers to organize historic diagnostic records, and so far, have organized diagnostic records of 1 million patients amounting to around 2.5 Million test records and 6 million data points in the last 6 months.

Diagnostics in India is highly unorganized with low tech penetration, unoptimized operations, low utilisations. We solve these challenges with tech products and help diagnostic centers realize 2.5X improvement in repeat ratio and 40% reduction in sample collection costs. We can capture 15% of the diagnostic value chain in future making it a $2Billion opportunity. We have already signed up 35 clients in the first 7 months of going live.

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