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Entry Level Junior Marketing & Accounts Manager

$24k – $36k • 0.0% – 1.0%
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Let me start by saying that this job requires no formal education or specific skills. You just need to be organized, hard working, eager to learn, loyal, and ambitous. With that said... Here is the whole spiel...

Going to the dentist can be extremely uncomfortable for some people. And it's even worse when the dentist and staff members are rushing your appointment and not providing you with personalized care.

The truth is that running a dental practice is extremely difficult, time consuming, and expensive. All of these things added up result in a dentist that is stressed out.

We are trying to take the stress out of dental practices by automating the work that the staff procrastinate doing. We believe streamlining their operations and providing turnkey solutions will resuly in happier staff and a stress-free doctor. Ultimately, this will trickly down to the patients, who in turn will have a better experience and become ambassadors to the practice.

This Junior Marketing and Accounts Manager role has been created to help Connect the Doc streamline its own operations. Your job will be 2-fold:

1) To manage the relationship of new clients that have enrolled in a Turnkey Marketing Package. This will include
A) Setting up new accounts on Connect the Doc
B) Using our website builder to design websites for dentists
C) Communicating with clients to ensure their accounts are setup
D) Doing weekly and monthly audits of client results

2) When you do not have clients to take of and accounts to setup, your job will shift to helping us grow with social media and marketing automation. This will include:
A) Writing email content and creating different email sequences
B) Researching Businesses and "Prospecting"
C) Helping Connect the Doc with day-to-day operations

This is an entry level job that requires no experience. I'm looking for someone that is ambitous, sees the big picture, likes to get shit done, and enjoys learning new things.

Ideal Candidates will have experience with most of the following:

1) Microsoft Suite of Software
2) Google Drive / Suite of Software
3) Social Media Management
4) An eye for design that looks nice

Big Plusses would include:

5) Wordpress / Basic Website Design
6) Experience with Adobe Softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator)
7) Experience working for a startup or tech company
8) Experience using any marketing automation tools

Base salary ranges from 24K - 36K with the goal that your salary will double in the next 3 years.

If you are interested in the role, please tell me what jumped out at you and why you think you'd be a good fit.

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Founder @Connectthedoc. Clients in 20+ cities across North America. #Bootstrapped & Profitable! MRR increasing every month! 95% retention rate on software.
Degree in Economics from the University of Victoria followed by completion of the Canadian Securities Course. Passion for innovation & sales.

Stanley Yuen

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Full-time student managing a team of 15 as president of entrepreneurship@UBC. Started own business before, now managing social media accounts w/ 40K+ following.

Connect the Doc at a glance

Digital Referral Engine for Healthcare Professionals

Connect the Doc focuses on SaaS, Healthcare, Health Care Information Technology, and Health and Wellness. Their company has offices in Vancouver. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://getconnectthedoc.com

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