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Account Executive - Buyer (demand-side)

$70k – $90k
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About Confident Cannabis

At Confident Cannabis, we’re solving the biggest problem in legal cannabis: wholesale trade is way too hard. Thousands of businesses buy and sell from each other every day, but no one knows what’s being made, who makes it, or what it’s made of. Plus, the compliance burdens to transact are cumbersome and getting worse.

To solve this problem, we're building the only online B2B wholesale platform used by verified legal/licensed businesses to discover & market inventory tested by third-party labs, with the deepest supply and most-robust compliance and logistics management features in the industry. For the first time, legal cannabis producers, processors, distributors, and retailers can confidently and securely find what's being made, who makes it, and what it's made of. Nationwide. In real time.

Confident Cannabis empowers thousands of producers to stand out from the crowd to sell more at higher prices, and helps thousands of manufacturers & retailers cut through the clutter to buy exactly what they need when they need it - all with automated compliance features built right in.

Take a look at this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81a31DUHyl8

Sales @ Confident Cannabis

Now that we've built a B2B wholesale platform for buyers to connect with sellers, we are educating legal cannabis operators on how to register, verify, and transact in order to save time and money. We want to make wholesale as easy as it should be. Our team is client-facing: most literally we are the face and voice of the organization, and this is an honor as well as a big responsibility we take seriously.

Externally, we represent Confident Cannabis on the phones, in person, and at industry events. We are fast learners who are naturally curious about all types of people, their livelihoods, and how we can help. We live "on stage" and understand that while not everyone is going to be ready to work with us the first time we speak with them, we value relationships over transactions and work to build trust with everyone we engage with. This is an industry growing and changing at breakneck speeds and we hang on loosely. We are not afraid to ask for the business. We ask great questions not because that's part of a checklist but because we're genuinely curious to understand someone's situation.

Internally, we are the proxies and representatives of our clients and partners - we bring their interests and concerns and constantly think about how we make them feel more successful. We work with our teammates to build features and make usability improvements to help the ecosystem and all its operators thrive.

Who You Are

  • You have a superpower of connecting with people of all walks of life, especially people who have different upbringings than you, have different values than you, and have different communication styles than you.
  • You are a high-energy person who likes to be around other high-energy people.
  • You have an ability to make the complex simple.
  • You talk to people on the phone and want to do more of it.
  • You like winning at games, play games you're not good at so that you get better, and eventually start winning said games.
  • You come across problems and immediately think about next options, not frustrations.
  • You have an irrepressible work ethic which presented itself in school, in other jobs, and in other extracurricular activities.
  • You are extremely coachable, specifically, you have no second thoughts of taking a suggestion and trying something out. You are comfortable with the notion that no one is a "finished product" and love learning and experimentation.
  • You are endlessly positive - when things don't go your way, instead of commiserating you look inward, control the controllable, and bounce back because disappointment and negativity roll off your back like nothing at all.
  • Not required however a nice-to-have: 1-5 years of sales experience in a high-volume, transactional environment, ideally in a start-up that's gone through massive headcount and revenue growth. Alternatively, in lieu of this type of work experience, someone who is comfortable being uncomfortable and wants to break into tech and will get the extra repetitions in to get caught up to her peers.

What You'll Do

  • Make a medium- to high-volume of outbound calls a day (40-60 or more, depending) while we grow our network of buyers and sellers. This includes dispensaries, processors, finished good manufacturers, distributors, and growers. We talk to large enterprise-style clients as well as true mom-and-pop operations. Some are extremely sophisticated and some aren't. Some are pretty tech-savvy and some will benefit from more hand-holding. All of these players have an important role in the ecosystem and it's your job to be dynamic enough to support them.
  • Manage the full sales cycle from prospecting to appointment-setting to qualifying to pitching to closing to developing relationships.
  • Implement quick changes to your processes and workflows as our company adds teammates, specializes functions, and achieves an increasing number of Very Big Things.
  • Take ownership of a part of Oregon and/or 4-6 additional markets in 2019.
  • Help shape this team - there are currently 4 AEs in this role and we are constantly evolving responsibilities.
  • Inform our product teams on the highest-impact features.
  • Raise the bar for what we think is possible for new and existing partners and our current team.

If you want to be in the cannabis industry at any cost and aren't necessarily interested in a sales career, this job is not for you.

If you want to build the customer acquisition engine of a high-growth, well-funded cannabis company, this job is for you.

If you want to be somewhere that appreciates, encourages, and rewards hard work, life-long learning, and endless positivity, this job is definitely for you.