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Software Engineer ReactJS and AWS

$125k – $140k • No equity
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Sr. Software Engineer - ReactJS and C# Development
The technical requirements of the job include React, Redux, AWS, C#, .Net, and SQL Server.
We’re looking for a team player who has excellent object-oriented design skills, high programming productivity, and who is interested in learning about video, TV, news, master control, etc.
We run our projects using SCRUM and we operate in well-established teams.

• Fluent in JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux
• Fluent in C#, .Net
• Experience with AWS
• Proficient with SQL Server
• Object Oriented Principles
• Component Design

Additional Skills:
• Familiarity with Vue.js, Bootstrap, TypeScript, and jQuery
• Experience with MS SQL, NoSQL, Redis
• Experience with HLS video streaming, Video NLE

Currently Using the Following Technologies
• Environments: AWS, Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, Windows Server, IIS
• Languages: C#, C++

Our client provides the software used by major media companies to produce and deliver video to your screen. They have a deep belief in simplifying the complex while delivering great customer experience. With our customer-centric approach, we have become #1 in Local TV News software market.
Most of the work we do involves manipulation of video files, recording/playout of video to SDI, streaming delivery of video and integration with 3rd party systems.