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Sustainable, high-end, 3D printed concrete elements

Sustainable, high-end, 3D printed concrete elements

CONCR3DE is a 3D printing company focused on high end, inkjet 3D printing of sustainable concrete – using industrial waste instead of polluting Portland cement. We are able to print any shape imaginable with a resolution of 0.2 millimeters.

The construction industry has barely changed over the last 2000 years. It is slow, labour intensive, wasteful and lacks refinement. Using 3D printing we can increase construction speed, reduce man hours, improve material efficiency and eliminate waste. In addition, we can implement highly sophisticated designs at lower costs and with lower error margins.

We can manufacture affordable, building-sized 3D printed concrete elements with complete geometric freedom and up to 30% faster than conventional production methods. What's more, because we don't use cement in our mix the CO2 footprint of our concrete is over 80% lower than standard concrete.


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