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At Jux Pux, the most genuine and delicious food combines cleverly with a particular service and ambience for the demanding and modern customer, who chooses Jux Pux aware of the fact that feeling comfortable is as important as eating well. People from all walks of life and backgrounds meet and gather at Jux Pux, knowing they can find their own space in a carefree atmosphere where well-being and good taste are perfectly balanced. Jux Pux cuisine is rigorously: simple and healthy. Jux Pux food is well-cooked, but above all, its menu is very creative: classic Milkshakes are complemented with many other creations, all delicious and original. However, Jux Pux is more, much more: Jux Pux has opened its doors to the Arts, hosting, bloggers, book, events and many other social and artistic activities.