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Tim Sze

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Co-Founder and CTO of @COMPGUN (YC W16) . @University of Toronto. Former @Green Dot engineer. Featured @Wired Magazine for web-based distributed N-Queens algorithm.

Jake Seip

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Advisor and former GM @ Aero. Formerly Co-Founder and CEO @COMPGUN (YC W16). @Colgate University graduate. First Business Analyst @LivingSocial


Lu Yin

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Matt Keenum

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Experienced VP/Director of Business Development or Sales with a proven startup track record

Robert J. Forloine

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Tessa Serdar

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Full Stack Engineer
Successful technology salesman from the transactional to enterprise

Lu Yin

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Andrew Ha

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Full stack software engineer. Experience ranging from Native mobile all the way down to database design. Previously at @aol and @UrbanSitter .

Board members and advisors

Investor in @ValueAppeal.
Founded CryptoSeal (YC S11, Sold to CloudFlare in June 2014), contractor in Iraq, and HavenCo. Now solving client device security for highest risk users.
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Former team

Samuel Sze

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Ryan Wholey

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Rohan Sarith P

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Edgar Pabon

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