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Quantified Commuting. Sustainable change

Quantified Commuting. Sustainable change

Commutifi think that building a livable city is rooted in safe, clean and efficient transport. Our clear data driven solutions create better commuting solutions.

Our standardized Commuter Score helps individuals, enterprises, and municipalities save time, money, and reduce carbon emissions. We integrate with transportation service providers (Uber, Lyft, Transit, Bike-Share, Connected Cars, etc.) to capture and analyse vast amount of commuting data and generate recommendations on more efficient commutes.

Quantifying commuter habits and creating a standardized metric allows enterprises and municipalities to best approach, subsidize, and support efficient and effective commuting.

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Senior FullStack Developer

Founder at @blucar. Previously Founded @Forkly and @Brightkite (acquired in 2009); Studied at Carnegie Mellon, MA from University of Colorado.
Owner of SwedAm, Inc. since 1996, custom software development, among customers AT&T, Lucent, NHL and countless startups

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Co-Founder at Commutifi - Smart Mobility
Founder @blucar , @GeoPalz , @Jibbitz for Crocs • Investor @Precog, @Simple Energy, Fellow @Nike+ Accelerator, Founder @ipArchive,