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The Future of Specialty Coffee & Nitro Cold Brew

The Future of Specialty Coffee & Nitro Cold Brew

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters (CWJ) is a premium specialty coffee roaster and retailer that pioneered Nitro Cold Brew coffee in offices in the D.C. Metro area and New York City. Our Nitro Cold Brew on tap is currently available in over a hundred DC Metro and New York City offices.

With the goal of transforming traditional office coffee and over 13 years of roasting experience honing our craft, Commonwealth Joe is focused on making specialty coffee approachable and accessible to all. Our differentiators lie in our experience and in our focus on freshness, innovation and experimentation. With teams dedicated specifically to the crafts of coffee roasting and cold brewing, attention to detail and quality control from bean to cup are of the utmost importance - from the specific lots of coffee we source to the roasting and brewing profiles we develop specifically for our Nitro Cold Brew. We do everything we can to ensure our customers receive best-in-class product and service.

Carl Barth

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Co-Founder at Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters.

Eric Mo

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Entrepreneur Focused on Specialty Coffee. Founder @ Commonwealth Joe. Experienced Management Consultant, Systems Integrator & Innovator.