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Smart medical devices with common sense

Smart medical devices with common sense

Common Sensing is fundamentally a company that is reworking home treatment of chronic disease. Diabetes is a huge burden on our population and healthcare system, but what most people don’t realize is that success with the most expensive chronic disease in the US doesn’t happen in the clinic, it happens at home. We’ve created Gocap, a device and system that monitors and supports people between doctor visits, not only tracking every single insulin dose and time, but also wrapping them in a network of passive and active support for success with their treatment. $200b direct medical costs in the US are attributed to diabetes. More than half of people aren’t meeting their goals in treating diabetes. For comparison, the entire consumer electronics industry in the United States is also around $200b. What if half of people in the US had the same problem with all consumer electronics devices they purchased? That’s what kind of opportunity this is to make real change.

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Starting next thing. Chairman/Co-Founder @Common Sensing Likes tech, loves humans. Software, hardware, regulated spaces, building teams. MIT MechE BS & MS.
Founder Common Sensing, Common Sensing • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology