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Common Networks provides suburban neighborhoods with ultra high speed internet using wireless technology. We interconnect homes in a neighborhood, creating a mesh network between homes and our fiber internet sources. We're bringing people a faster alternative to the cable companies at a fraction of the cost. We raised a $25M Series B from General Catalyst and Eclipse Ventures in August 2018.

Our product work can be divided into a 4 major areas. This role will take full product management ownership of one or more of these areas, based on your experience and interest. The areas are:
- Internet Service: provide the fastest, most reliable internet possible. Projects examples: developing and improving our routing algorithm, detecting issues and fixing them before the customer experiences any degradation, automating our radio configurations, working with the field operations team to try out different physical configurations of our set-up, etc.
- Operations Automation: build whatever is needed to allow us to scale our operations to more customers and more markets without adding people to the team. This includes completely automating our funnel, lead qualification, network planning, hardware bring-up, scheduling of jobs, dispatching of technicians, etc.
- Technician Tools: our field technicians are currently a key customer of ours. Build the tools that they need to most efficiently install our service and perform maintenance visits; simplify everything about the technician experience so that our install times get faster, error rates are lower, and success rate is higher. Eventually we want to get to the point where the tools built for technicians are so smart and so simple that anyone can self-install our service. Projects examples: Android App for technicians, GPS hardware integration to technician app, automate radio pointing/aiming, workflow management for technicians, etc.
- Customer-facing Tools: build all the customer-facing experiences for our internet subscribers. Decide what features customers want, as well as the features that would surprise and delight them and make them loyal to our service and company.

The Role

* Define the long-term product vision for your product area(s) and define the path to get there.
* Manage the product and engineering roadmap; prioritize work for the design and engineering teams; lead weekly planning meetings.
* Define the desired user experience for each feature, write specifications, work collaboratively with design and engineering to execute.
* Decide on and track key metrics that you will use to determine the success of the features / products you are building.
* Be the advocate for your customer; talk to them and understand their pain-points and desires; incorporate this information into your product definition and prioritization.

Who you are

* Strategic thinker. You understand the company’s top-level strategy and you make product decisions that are in line with this strategy. You understand how to make trade-offs. You can make decisions without perfect or full information.
* Detail oriented. You sweat the small stuff and don’t let things slip through the cracks. You understand the difference between letting something slip through the cracks vs. actively de-prioritizing edge cases.A driver. You know how to lead without being a direct manager. You know how to push work forward and keep things moving. You are never complacent.
* Clear communicator. You have many audiences - engineers, designers, operations team, our board of directors, etc. You know how to structure written and verbal communications clearly for each audience.
* Creative problem-solver. We are developing technology and a product that has never been built before. You are creative; you generate new, innovative ideas that help us solve problems. You find fast ways to test crazy ideas.
* Organized. Adept at project management. You love thinking about how to improve the process and team to make things work more efficiently and smoothly. You always look for ways to innovate and improve.
* Naturally curious and have a self-starter personality with hustle. You don't need to wait for people to tell you what to work on.
* A “get-it-done” person. You know that done is better than perfect and are energized by constantly delivering and moving things forward. You roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to make things successful.
* Flexible and excited to work in a fast paced, rapidly evolving environment.

Must Haves

* BA/BS - ideally in a technical field
* 4+ years of experience in an product management role, which means: defining product/feature vision, building roadmaps, writing specs, working with designers and engineers.
* Customer empathy
* Excitement to work in a startup environment on a team of less than 20 people to start

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Zach Brock

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CEO @ Common Networks, Previously: Square, Pivotal Labs I'm mostly made of water.

Mark Jen

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Founder @Common Networks. Worked at @Square , @Airtime, @Microsoft • Studied at University of Michigan

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