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Data Plumbing for accounting firms

Data Plumbing for accounting firms

Common Ledger is Data Plumbing for accounting firms. Our pipes are smooth steely titanium carrying high-integrity and accurate accounting data safely and securely for the world’s accountants. Our vision is to build the world’s accounting data pipes. The big goal is to be the best in the world at integrating accounting software. We have achieved this when we are the industry standard Data Plumbing solution. Our cloud-based product gives accountants a single process for accessing client data. They can log in, turn on the tap and access live, mapped transactional data in 60 seconds in their general ledger or reporting tool for automated annual compliance and ongoing advisory work. Data Plumbing is the emerging idea of normalising business financial data and integrating it into the core systems accountants and other financial services industries use - it is increasingly the key to unlocking higher value propositions for the business end user.

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Co-founder / CEO of Common Ledger. First startup. Previously commercial lawyer Russell McVeagh, Founder In-Residence Lightning Lab. Law major Otago University

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Founder Common Ledger