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High quality men's clothing with purpose. Hand tailored service. Absurd value.



Scott Raio

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Head of Product at Pieonic. Strong technical and brand background. Family owned/operated food service equip. co


Jessica Raio

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Maham Rahman

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Imran Rahman

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Head of Finance @ Pieonic | Previously at @Combatant Gentlemen & @ReTargeter | Reformed investment banker | Former F500

Kevin Campos

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Chief Retail Officer / GM @Combatant Gentlemen ; ex @Golden Gate Capital, @Bain & Company, @Princeton University. Co-creator of CardPledge.org.

James Carl

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Florida State CS. Autodidacticism is a lifestyle.

Brandon Dek

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12+ yrs in brand/web development and UI/UX.

Daniel James

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Co-Founder & CEO of @Combatant Gentlemen

Board members and advisors

Co-Founder & CFO @S. Sharma Tax • Advisor @Combatant Gentlemen

Jaya Gali

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CEO/Founder of StyleXclusive.com. Ecommerce executive in past at large retailers- Macys and @Walmart. Launched varied ecommerce products. Start-up passionate.
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Sunil Ramchandani

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