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Matt Nunogawa

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Over 14 years of Cocoa/OSX/iOS dev experience. Favorite language: golang. Broad backend skill set: python, postgres, SOA, devops, etc.
Worked at @collective-health-2

Izi Aviyente

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Engineering leader; start-ups/large corporations, experience building high performing teams ground-up

Jim Thien

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Jamie Bui

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Spencer Ruskin

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Senior UI Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience in web development. Obsessed with user experience, beautiful interfaces, and accessibility.

Diana Arrieta

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10 years of Information Technology experience. Also a data crunching, SQL crafting, Python wrangling nerd. I'm willing to learn anything Cloud too!

Raymond Etornam

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Jim Kubicek

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I lead the Data Engineering team at @Collective Health. @Twitter alumni. MechE PhD from @Carnegie Mellon University.

Chris Kusaba

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Jazmine Kohl

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Product Designer in San Francisco. I create interfaces that are functional, refined, innovative, and beautiful.

Kimiko Mitchell

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Student at Stanford.

Sarahjane Sacchetti

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Onai. Earlier: Cruxlux, sold to Kosmix, itself acquired by Walmart; Ph.D., M.S., B.S. - Stanford. Machine intelligence, crowdsourcing, search, biocomputation...

Former team

Paarth P

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Matt Schwartz

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Jen Nishio

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Matt Baker

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Sai Jahann

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Tim Schwartz

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