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Joe Golden

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Co-founder / Co-CEO Collage.com, former @Microsoft software engineer, @Google economist, @Upwork economist. Economics PhD, The University of Michigan 2014

Kevin Borders

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Co-founder, Co-CEO, and head of engineering at Collage.com. Computer science PhD from University of Michigan 2009.


Kevin Davis

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Susan Ashley

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Worked at Collage.com

Pedro Da Rocha Pinto

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Senior Developer at Enki; Concurrency Specialist;

Samir Roy

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I build teams that build high quality products.

Kelly Brooks

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Worked at Facebook

Christopher Taylor

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Aaron Koller

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Kim Majewski

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Ellen Chaney

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Callie Gates

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Susan Ashley

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Julian Kussman

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Worked at Collage.com, Brighton Agency. Experience with Adobe, Advertising. Went to Northwest Missouri State University
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Max Mathieu

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Logan Glickfield

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