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Where early adopters invest in and trade the best digital assets

Where early adopters invest in and trade the best digital assets

Our mission is to help early adopters drive the success of the best crypto projects in the world. We do this by empowering communities to invest in and trade new digital assets and develop on top of their networks. Investors can invest in and trade Bitcoin, Ether, and get access to the best new digital assets before they list on exchanges. $800M in investments by 10,000 investors since August 2017. Developers can contribute time and code to the best protocols including Coda, Numerai, Chainlink, and 0x. Blockchain companies can run and manage token sales, meet compliance requirements, handle payments and token distributions with our battle-tested infrastructure. Used by Filecoin, Blockstack, Nervos, Algorand, and more.

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Customer Operations Manager

Graham Jenkin

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Co-founder & CEO at @CoinList

Brian Tubergen

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Founder @CoinList. Built @AngelList's online fundraising product. CS @Princeton University. Interned @Facebook, @Microsoft, Google Summer of Code.

Andy Bromberg

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CEO @Eco. Co-founder @CoinList. Founding research scientist @Stanford Bitcoin Group.

Joshua Slayton

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Founder @CoinList & founding CTO @AngelList

Paul Menchov

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CTO @CoinList. Co-Founder @Republic. Built things @AngelList, @Zynga. Studied CS @Cornell University.
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