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Democratizing Data for the New Digital Economy

Democratizing Data for the New Digital Economy

Crypto Traders need better data. They deal with information overload, unreliable data, bad actors & manipulation and unsophisticated tools.

We aggregate thousands of global signals, cleanse and normalize it, run it through a neural network & AI/ML and create predictions and data services that are available to Traders via subscription. You curate all this info by coin so you only get the info you care about. We filter out the noise.

Actionable, Real-Time alerts in the palm of your hand. Quantified Sentiment & Volatility scores are available now, 7+ other CoinScores are in development. Custom Curated News platform that tracks and alerts in response to Event Triggers. Clean Crypto Data API.

Institutional shops & Quants can use our data to build their own algos & API's. Pro & Retail traders can use our data to trade like Quants.

We have B2C & B2B monetization plans. This data is applicable for Wallets & Exchanges, Mining Operations and Government Agencies.

CoinGenius: Trade Smarter.

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