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Those who think the future of blockchain technology hangs purely on whatever price Bitcoin is trading at any given time have sorely misunderstood the purpose of this quiet revolution. This revolution is about the central tenet of our commercial civilization, Trust.

What we’re about?

We aim to make CoinDCX the most transparent, reliable, and secure cryptocurrency exchange in India. But we don’t want to stop there. We’re also making a serious commitment to the blockchain industry in India where we want to support disruptive solutions, creative entrepreneurs, transparent ICO, and everything else that will contribute to a brighter future in technology.
Everyone stands to benefit from the adoption of a technology that is proven to bring efficiency and trust to levels never before seen. Blockchain will transform industries that have been around for centuries, such as insurance, banking or healthcare. At CoinDCX, we want to ensure we all gain when the time comes, both individually and as a community.

How we plan to achieve it?

As ambitious as that may sound, we are prepared to back it up.
Our solution was built with the highest international technical standards in mind, while also focusing on providing CoinDCX users with a platform that is highly intuitive and easy to use. We combine this with a customer-centric approach to ensuring every client is a happy one.
We’re working around the clock to increase the variety of crypto and fiat currency trading pairs. CoinDCX’s main objective is to give its users a secure, transparent, and reliable platform in which to trade. We’re extremely open to working with the government to guarantee this will happen, and we’ve been encouraged by recent reports of policy direction in this instance.

Ultimately, the market decides. We know our platform is second to none in the Indian market. Join us, and help us start a revolution.
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