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At Coinberry we set out to build the global digital financial institution of the future



Evan Kuhn

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BASc, MBA, President at Coinberry.


Chris Staggopoulos

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Experience working at a startup, large corporation, and international business.

Gavin Pentony

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Hello! I am a final year BBA student at the Goodman School of Business, Brock University.

Arjun Sahni

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Taha Jalil

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Software Developer @coinberryio. Monotone @PakistanPodcast.

Nam Yoo

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Enterprise Sales Exec with the track record of beating quotas @ SaaS/hardware companies Software developer in blockchain industry with Javascript, Ruby on Rails

Mikhail St-Denis

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Senior Product Designer & Entrepreneur with over 15 years of design experience.

Dimitri Giller

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Energized and dedicated finance professional focusing on Fintech innovations that are changing the world.

Andrei Poliakov

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BASc, MBA, President at Coinberry.

Board members and advisors

Albert Luk

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Andrei Poliakov

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BASc, MBA, President at Coinberry.

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Eric Brown

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Doris Qamar

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Carolina Jan

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