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Coin2Shop - buy in Ebay and Amazon with crypto-currency

Coin2Shop - buy in Ebay and Amazon with crypto-currency

In September 2018 our development team from Russia and Estonia released a web-browser plugin that enables any customer to pay for purchases on Amazon or eBay in cryptocurrencies.

Who may need it?
We are among those who believe the blockchain technology has a great potential while the adoption of cryptocurrencies will increase. The aim of Coin2Shop is to make the purchasing experience using cryptocurrencies easier. Now anyone who has bitcoins or Ethereum can spend them directly on Amazon or eBay website without using debit or credit cards.

How to make a purchase?
All you need to do after installing the plugin is to click "Buy with Coin2Shop" on the online store website. Alternatively, you can paste a link to the desired good page in your Coin2Shop account. The next steps you already know - everything will go according to the familiar algorithm.
Co-founder of rope park TreeToTree, co-founder of city-poster.com, Progect manager at coin2.shop

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