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Disrupting Casino Marketing

Disrupting Casino Marketing

Coin-In is the only gaming application specifically designed to drive foot traffic into brick-and-mortar casinos. Coin-In combines a world-class social casino game with a robust loyalty platform to provide continuous engagement away from the casino and drive players back in.

During a 90-day casino trial, the casino reported:

- A 100% increase in real-world casino visits for player's redeeming a reward
- A 196% increase in coin in
- More than a 10% increase in the casino's total earnings
- A return on investment of more than 400%

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Hardcore technologist & early mobile pioneer as co-founder/CEO of Fotochatter; Worked at NASA-JPL, Disney Imagineering, and Sony.
Founder @P4RC • Worked at @Playdom • Studied at @University of Missouri. Improving the world one highly retained user at a time.
Founder at @Coin-In / Founder at @P4RC / Founder at @Eye Interactive / Worked for Disney, MGM, and Electronic Arts / Wharton Undergrad / UCLA MBA