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Hassle free cargo shipping!

Hassle free cargo shipping!

Cogoport aims to tech enable the international logistics business globally. It will do so by offering on online freight exchange mechanism that serves to solve real world problems faced by all stakeholders on both ends of freight buying ecosystem. There will be a range of Suppliers/ Producers (Shipping lines, Airlines, freight Forwarders, Customs House Agents) and they will benefit through an opportunity to acquire customers/business at a significantly reduced cost (20%-80% on existing overhead costs). For the Consumers/ Customers (Exporters, Importers, brokers), Cogoport will offer significant reduction in lead times (1-15 days) and costs ($20-$1000 per unit) - either through instant spot rates or a quick bidding system. While Cogoport grows its community through the rate discovery proposition and its intelligent dashboard, there are endless opportunities in driving further value to the community that drives a trillion dollar (only global freight) industry.

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Founder @Aasaan , Software Developer @Housing.com , Founder @FundWok , Software Developer Intern @Amazon , Computer Science - IIT Kharagpur
Worked @ Damco/ AP Moller Maersk, @Panalpina World Transport India Business management. Engineer. Master mariner.