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Frictionless, modern identity verification that starts with just a phone number


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Semil Shah

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General Partner @Haystack ; Venture Partner @Lightspeed Venture Partners

Kevin Ding

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Managing Director @DHVC Investor: @Optimizely @Cohesity @Flexport @Survios Barefoot, AutoX, @Branch, @Wish Prior: Sequoia, Accel

Y Combinator

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Meg Nakamura

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Co-Founder of Shift Payments, Investment Partner at Hard Yaka, Co-Founder of 3taps

Matt Mochary

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Co-Founded Totality (sold to Verizon), co-founded Fortune Oregon Data Centers (sold to ASB Capital). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Mochary

Charlie Songhurst

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Greg Kidd

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Founder @Hard Yaka @globaliD @Shift Payments @3taps.com, @Message.me. First Round Investor @Twitter, Senior Analyst Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

David Chen

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Early stage investor
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