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Logical foundations of emotions and cognition

Logical foundations of emotions and cognition

CAL Labs investigates the foundations of human intelligence and functional capacity. It lays the groundwork for both weak and strong AI by incorporating both top-down and bottom-up approaches to the evolutionary mechanisms that led to behaviorally modern humans. Further research into the elements of cognition has immediate impact when using big data for the development of products for consumer and business applications.

This research differs from other AI endeavors in that it is essentially based on three principles. The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics, archaeological evidence for the Great Leap/modern human behavior, and the effects of experience/quale on biological systems. The result is a fundamental mathematical mechanism present in our brain and all other living matter.

With these pivotal mechanisms the next steps are to re-construct these biological computations and access the feasibility of re-creating the mechanisms on an artificially created substrate.
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