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The gamified training platform for programmers

The gamified training platform for programmers

CodinGame is a gamified coding platform where programmers can level up their skills through fun challenges and online contests.

Our mission is to connect and empower developers of all backgrounds to learn and master the skills they need to reach their full potential in today’s world, for free.

Because we want to make coding both accessible and fun, we provide developers with a playground of programming challenges. We feature multiple programming topics (AI, encoding, graph theory, etc.) and game modes (solo puzzles, multiplayer games, code battles, etc.) in 25+ programming languages.

We also help coders to showcase their talent to find the job they deserve, by getting noticed by top tech companies. Some of the sponsors we work with include Nintendo, EA Games, Quora, Adobe, eBay, Sage, Deloitte, BlablaCar, etc.

For more info: codingame.com
Co-founder @CodinGame. Gamifying programming and helping companies hire talented developers based on skills, not resumes.
Founder CodinGame • Studied at @Oxford Brookes University

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