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Technical Project Manager - US

$40k – $80k
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CodersClan is all about making software development an easy and accessible process at scale.

We're looking for Technical Project Managers to join our team and build scalable work processes while making sure our clients' projects succeed.

As a Technical Project Manager, you'll be acting in a unique role in which you will get to utilize both your technical and communication skills.

This is a remote job, however it requires you to be working from the US.

The role includes:

1. Scoping and discussing technical projects with clients.
2. Nurturing ongoing relationships with clients.
3. Recognizing and cutting off any internal inefficient processes and implementing scalable processes instead.
3. Managing and nurturing a work relationship with CodersClan global community of coders.


1. Technical Experience - You must have an excellent understanding of how software products are built. Although we are open to various backgrounds, most of our project managers have at least 2 years of experience as professional software developers.
2. Customer Relations Experience - At least 2 years of experience in a customer-facing role involving customer support or sales.
3. Self organization - You must have a natural tendency for organization. No email can be missed. You must have experience with managing your time.
4. People person - Great communication skills. Highly empathetic to both clients and coders.
4. English - Native English or highly fluent written and spoken English.
5. Willingness and dedication to work in irregular hours & under significant pressure.
6. Passion for bridging the gap between coders and non-technical clients.


1. Experience in managing technical projects in a web or software agency.
2. Experience in working with tools used frequently by Marketing teams such as WordPress, Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc.
3. Experience in working with Marketers.
4. Sales experience.
4. Startups experience.

Contact us at jobs@codersclan.net

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