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Co-Founder and CEO @Codecademy, Venture Partner @Bowery Capital


Madison Olson

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Oliver Plattner

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Founder at Backsby, previously worked at GoodData,SnapLogic, and MySQL. Looking for startup interesting opportunities.

Yakov Kagan

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Strategy @Compass ;Operations @Uber ; @IBM Experience in Finance, Consulting & Technology

Patrick Kovach-Long

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Developer (JavaScript, React, Rails, PostgreSQL). Works well with people and computers.

Sam Bakkila

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Worked at Codecademy, Portland State University

Ashley Hockney

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Marketing that moves growth metrics.

Jack Ratner

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Engineering Manager & Software Engineer with a passion for building things. React, Clojurescript, Ruby, Python, SQL, NoSQL, cross-platform mobile

Mike Jewett

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Teaching the world to code @Codecademy.

Emma Loftus

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Cody Grosser

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TFA Corps member turned mission-driven recruiter. Passionate about redefining the face of the tech community by hiring brilliant, diverse teams.

Daniel O'Duffy

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Product Manager at Codecademy

Hannah Jun

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Brandon Johnson

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Infrastructure Engineer turned recruiter with a passion for solving complex problems with technology solutions. Head of Talent @Codecademy

Brian Bishop

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Director of Talent Acquisition @ Codecademy • Studied at Emory
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Board members and advisors

VP of Eng @Amazon, Founder of @Evri. Active Angel investor, technical advisor in Seattle, and NY/Philly.

Saul Klein

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husband. dad. serial entrepreneur (firefly, @LoveFilm, @Seedcamp). operator (wpp, msft, @Skype). investor (Index, TAG) http://localglo.be

Andy Weissman

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Investor at @Union Square Ventures Founder, Chief Operating Officer at @betaworks
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Former team

Darin Smith

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Dhruti Deshpande

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Rishi Narang

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Dan Ordille

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Margot Mazur

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Sara Yu

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