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Contactless Health Monitoring using Computer Vision and AI

Contactless Health Monitoring using Computer Vision and AI

At Cocoon Cam, we are building a computer vision and AI platform that turns every camera into a health monitor. Our algorithms can analyze your respiration, heart rate, sleep, emotion and more without any physical contact or wearables or radiation.

The company’s first product is a category-defining baby monitor that detects a baby’s vitals purely by passively collecting a video feed from the baby monitor and analyzing the data in the cloud. Parents gain instant access, via their mobile devices, to longitudinal data and real-time alerts for metrics such as breathing, temperature fluctuations, heart rate and movement.

We hope you’ll join us in democratizing access to vital signs and health insights.

Sivakumar Nattamai

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Pavan Kumar P N

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Founder @Cocoon Cam. Worked at @Apple , @NetApp, UCSD. Interests: Product Design, Data Engineering, Cloud Infra, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Healthcare.
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