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CoachList, Inc. (“CoachList”) mission is to help sports, fitness and wellness providers grow their businesses in a digitally connected world. CoachList operates a multi-sided marketplace platform that enables consumers to easily discover and book online interactive and in-person training, instruction and all other related services for any sport & fitness category, while providing a back-office platform to industry service providers along with new distribution channels they need to efficiently operate their businesses and maximize their revenue potential.

CoachList has a proven executive team a team that has the deep expertise in aggregating fragmented online marketplaces globally across all languages and markets. It understands how to aggregate supply and demand ecosystems from fragmented user bases. They also have deep expertise in natural search, paid search, lead nurturing, marketing automation, plus customer acquisition and engagement, with the ability to engage our user base emotionally, so our tools delight users, and feel indispensable. CoachList uses industry leading engagement and conversion strategies, including gamification, behavioral modeling, multivariate testing, and world-class user experiences. CoachList leverages a network of best-in-class partners to decrease cost and increase expertise in non-core areas, and leverages its own intellectual property to differentiate from competitors in core parts of its business. In addition, its advisor network of professional athlete luminaries serve to expand visibility and to serve as advisors, it’s low-cost of operations, superior technology, and lean development model poise CoachList to become highly profitable in this growing yet untapped market.
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Web Crawler, ML, and Process Automation Engineer for Lead Acquisition

Posted 10 months ago

The duties and responsibilities of a CoachList Web Crawler, Bot, and Process Automation Engineer are:
• Develop web crawlers to crawl search engines and other databases for qualified leads
• Apply machine learning to classify, categorize, rank, and qualify leads
• Use Machine learning to find new...


Chief Finanical Officer

Posted 10 months ago

Work directly with the President & CEO and will be responsible for overseeing and directing the organization's financial goals, objectives, operating plans, financial models, and operating budgets. Meets with the Board and other company executives to develop financial goals and budgets.


Chief Technology Officer / VP Engineering

Posted 10 months ago

You will be involved in building powerful and engaging consumer experiences that can touch the lives of millions of aspiring and established sports athletes and service professionals. This position comes with a lot of feature ownership responsibilities and will be empowered and encouraged to make...


Contact Lead List Development / Internet Researcher

Posted 10 months ago

The job of an Internet Researcher for Contact Lead List Development at CoachList utilizes search engine optimization techniques to find Sports Service Provider and Fitness Professional data on the internet.

The duties and responsibilities of a CoachList Internet Researcher are:
• Search the inte...