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CNote Makes It Easy To Invest In Economic Inclusion

CNote Makes It Easy To Invest In Economic Inclusion

CNote lets people and institutions sitting on cash earn a 2.75% return, along with flexible liquidity, and positive social impact. CNote is the only company to be qualified by the SEC to offer this high-yield, socially responsible investment alternative.

About the Product:
Return: 2.75%
Access: Quarterly
Safety: Based on U.S. Treasury Department CDFIs, Full Obligation Note with Federal/State guarantee
Impact: 100% of dollars invested support underserved communities (women, minorities, low-income communities)
Technology: Fully automated platform, highest level of bank security, optimization algorithm, proprietary risk model
No Minimum. No Fees.
Open to accredited and accredited investors.
Co-founder & CEO, CNote 40x better return with 100% impact. Three-time entrepreneur. Former Managing Director, Charles Schwab. YCombinator, Summer 2016: F3
Co-founder & COO @CNote. 10 years on WallStreet. Built financial services and products worldwide.

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