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Database as a service (DBaaS)

Database as a service (DBaaS)

Clusterpoint 4 is a distributed database, which is able to execute transactional and analytical workloads with real-time consistency. Clusterpoint 4 exposes JS/SQL as its query API. JS/SQL is a combination of two familiar concepts - it allows executing arbitrary JavaScript code in the SQL query structure. Thus, it can do everything that SQL can, and also address open-ended computational tasks.

Benefits of accessing structured and unstructured data through one API:
• Analyze unstructured Web data together with structured relational data;
• Extend common SQL query structure with procedural JavaScript code;
• Access relational model and hierarchical data model through one API;
• Decrease reporting time to sub-second instead of minutes or even hours;
• Do reports from operational data base in real-time;
• Add another dimension to reports (e.g. Geo-spatial);
• Increase performance through horizontal scalability without compromising on the ACID compliance.
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