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Neobank & Community for Teenagers in India

Neobank & Community for Teenagers in India

Although teenagers in India are quite tech-savvy and want to be independent, there isn't any good banking/payments solution targeting this segment as their primary customer. Walrus is building the next-generation banking and rewards platform for the 100 million teenagers in India with the objective of giving them financial freedom and teaching them good money habits.

Nakul Kelkar

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Cofounder at Walrus Managing operations, strategy, and product at Walrus.

Sriharsha Setty

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Co-founder and CTO at Walrus, Consultant at @snapIoT , CTO at @OneHealth, Backed Architect at @Foneclay.com , Scalable computing @Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Bhagaban Behera

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Founder @Walrus • Cofounded 3 Startups ( Monk.AI, MyChoice, NoiseStreet ) earlier. I love building businesses and taking them from zero to one.

Full Stack Developer

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