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We are disrupting the way we learn technology

We are disrupting the way we learn technology

We are a small team of engineers and educators passionate about building innovative products to make learning fun, engaging and for life. We upskill engineers in deep tech - make them employable & future-ready. Our online gamified SaaS platform is being used by 100k+ users across the world including students from Harvard, MIT, CMU and the University of Washington. Currently, we are working on these products. 1. Gamified Learning Environment - Existing coding playgrounds are restrictive and do not give full access to the users, thereby limiting their ability to tinker with the code and the systems. Also, there are no feedback loop and yardstick to measure if we are learning correctly during the hands-on. We are solving this problem by providing the real-time gamified learning environment which nudges the user and provides real-time feedback at each learning step. 2. Knowledge Graph - Connecting the user to skills for learning or for the job. Stay tuned for this.

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Co-Founder at CloudxLab. Developed #1 Ed-tech app at @Byju's and #1 Sudoku game @HashCube