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Bulk Fibre Optics Internet

Bulk Fibre Optics Internet

Cloudwifi provides high-density residential and commercial properties with bulk Internet and other innovative IP solutions, including fibre optics, managed Wi-Fi, and OTA IPTV.

More than 1,100 cities have asked Google Fiber to build these high-speed networks in their communities, but Google can’t keep up. They will take many years, perhaps even decades, to reach that many communities. Why wait? Cloudwifi can bring that kind of blazing network to your building today!

Cloudwifi is the smart option to Internet buying that the corporate cable and phone companies don’t want you to know about. Think Costco for telecom – buying Internet in bulk will save your residents big time money!

In addition to bulk Internet, other innovative IP solutions such as Over-The-Air IPTV can be distributed throughout a property. Antennas set up on the roof can capture up to 20 live TV channels and distribute them over the building’s network for residents to view on any device with a web browser.

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