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Cloud Infrastructure Simplified - Build, Deploy, Run, Monitor

Cloud Infrastructure Simplified - Build, Deploy, Run, Monitor

CloudRunner I/O is a simple but powerful framework for remote server management, deployments and simple monitoring. On top of that it provides automation tools and a way to build automation workflows. The key features include:
• Execute scripts of your choice (Bash, Python, Ruby, Puppet and Chef-Solo recipes, Ansible);
• Pass environment variables between servers and between different script languages (works for a limited number of languages, but can be extended with a plugins);
• Secure communication using SSL certificates;
• Fast and reliable transport backend via ZeroMQ (although a different backend can be used as a plugins);
• Automation workflows based on events, specific tasks or processes (e.g Continuous Integration (CI), automation deployments).
• Restful API

Tihomir Trifonov

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Co-founder of CloudRunner. Previous: • Founding employee at @Everbread • First tech employee at @Lessno

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