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Convert a thousand on-demand leads into sales meetings



Paul Andre de Vera

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Owner & founder of Filthy Dripped clothing, Pinays.com, PapaSF, Conne.co mobile app, So Oshi ramen restaurant and registered owner of "Killin' It"® trademark.


Zen Lenon

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Founder & CEO at @ClosedWon. MRR-enabler at @PandaDoc, @Yelp, @TINT @MobileAction

Justin King

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I make valuable connections where it does not seem possible. Take confidence in assigning me a task knowing it will be completed properly and on time.
Im exp RoR/php/js developer with >5 years exp. Last 6 months work on freelance https://www.upwork.com/fl/abdullaachilov

Nate Turner

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Software Engineer at ClosedWon

Verushka Patana

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Co-Founder, People Operations and Compliance at ClosedWon. MBA Candidate at the Haskayne School of Business
Experienced channel sales leader with SaaS and Forex experience. I live for process and operational improvement. Mentor @FasterCapital

Board members and advisors

Bestselling Author of "A Closing Culture" | Drive Enterprise SaaS Revenue Growth, when not conquering in Risk & Catan
Forever ♾ Student | Angel 😇 Investor | Startup 👨‍🏫 Mentor | Heart-Centered ❤️ Founder | Intentional 🍄 Psychonaut

Ryo Chiba

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Cofounder and CTO at @TINT. Grew to 40 employees and 5M ARR. Recently sold and now working on next project. Engineer and Marketer.
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Piyush Gupta

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