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End Missed B2B Connections.

End Missed B2B Connections.

ClosedWon has 3 Solutions:
1) Auto-Prospecting
2) Omnichannel Multi-touch Engagements
3) Luna AI will recommend the next best steps for reps to close more deals. Luna acts as a Robo-boss & SDR simultaneously.

ClosedWon allows:
1) Sales Development Rep to automate prospecting, appointment setting and outreach
2) Account Executives to increase ClosedWon deals by nurturing pipeline contacts with email, social, voice follow-ups
3) Client Success Managers to increase retention with nurturing campaign
4) Sales Managers to motivate reps with Luna AI
5) Marketing managers to build relationships with current lists (increase subscription, audience, webinar/event attendance)
6) Collection for unpaid balances

Other use cases include and not limited to:
- HR recruitment
- Real Estate
- Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaigns
- Publications coming off Medium due to TOS change of 3rd party sponsorship (testing this today)
- Automotive Dealerships
- Crypto/ICO Fundraising
- BPO Industry
- Call Centers
Co-Founder, HR and Compliance at ClosedWon. If you're looking to start your career with a world-class team, let's talk!

Kaushik M

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Working at Facebook as a Senior Product Designer in Enterprise Space, 7+ years experience in Product Design and Management.

Paul Andre de Vera

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Owner & founder of Filthy Dripped clothing, Pinays.com, PapaSF, Conne.co mobile app, So Oshi ramen restaurant and registered owner of "Killin' It"® trademark.

Zen Lenon

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CEO of ClosedWon. Revenue generator for companies like @PandaDoc @Yelp, @TINT @MobileAction

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