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Turn your text into video mashup

Turn your text into video mashup

ClipDis is a video mashup generator that transforms ordinary messages into a sequential series of micro-clips from popular movies, and YouTube and music videos.

Users can simply type a message, with emoticons included, and ClipDis matches each word or emoticon with a micro-clip, in sequential order. If the user isn't happy with some of the micro-clips picked by the system, they can lock in the ones they do like and keep searching for others, or even take a selfie video of themselves to fill in the holes or replace a word, until they are satisfied with the entire mashup.

ClipDis is compatible with Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Slack, Vine and Whatsapp.
Through a specially crafted Kik AI chat bot, Kik users can simply send a message to ClipDisBot, and the bot instantly replies to the user with an audible mashup video of the user's original message. The video can then be shared with Kik users or across other social platforms.

ClipDis. Mashify your message!
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