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Server Side - API Engineer (Intern)

No salary • No equity
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Your primary role on the Organize team will be leading the implementation of new endpoints and model-based features in our RESTful API. You will be responsible for standardizing the communications between the front and back end infrastructure and managing the underlying database and server configurations for back end instances. Your role will also include writing various scripts and functions in Python or some other scripting language. These could include scraping web pages, creating recommendation functionality, or implementing automated tests across various app components.

About You:
You should be a self-motivated individual who is able to bring well-constructed
deliverables to the table on a timeline. You feel entirely at home at the command line and are fully fluid in your usage of back end technologies. You've probably launched your own API before and if not feel confident that you could do so immediately.

What We Expect:
- 10-20 hours of work per week
- Availability for a weekly team call
- Availability for weekly engineering call
- Availability for one on one sessions (as needed)

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