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A platform for people to share information about their experiences with Police Officers

Social Media & Content Intern

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Organize is a nonprofit platform for people to report information on police behavior. Whether it's photos, videos, weblinks, or documents, the Organize community is devoted to reporting information which highlights the behavior of every police officer in the world.

We need a social media & content intern to help us share important information for our community to see and to find compelling ways to tell our company's story on social media.

- Sourcing important information on police behavior and post content onto the Organize platform
- Managing our social media platforms where you'll share content from Organize, engage in conversation with the community, and grow our following
- Forming relationships with key local stakeholders to take action on the information posted onto the Organize platform
- Working closely with our engineering team to identify feedback from the community which we can use to improve our product features

This is a role where you'll wear many hats in our effort to grow and manage our community. We work in a fast-paced environment which rapidly evolves, so on any given day, you may be pulled in many different directions at once. In this role, you'll report directly to the co-founder & CEO.

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